Gesundheit! Inclusion in the healthcare sector

Gesundheit! Inclusion in the healthcare sector

Due to the increasing need for personnel in the healthcare sector as well as apparent gaps in healthcare provision, specialised personnel from abroad has become indispensable. Their recruitment, but above all their sustainable and long-term employment, depends decisively on the working conditions but also on their social inclusion at and beyond the workplace.

This research project aims to improve conditions for precarious workers with a migration history in the healthcare sector. Ultimately it seeks to analyse how to strengthen their willingness to stay in this highly fluctuating sector. Based on qualitative research as well as coaching sessions and workshops with employees and key actors in the healthcare sector, this project aims to

  • define precarious working conditions from the perspective of employees
  • gain scientific knowledge on current conditions in healthcare facilities as well as municipalities with regards to equitable employment of care workers with a migration history working under precarious conditions
  • give practice-oriented impulses and recommendations for improving the professional and social inclusion of care workers at and beyond their workplace
  • support representatives from municipalities, especially those with structural weaknesses, as well as key actors in the healthcare sector with the precise design of concrete measures and packages by means of coaching sessions

Funded by the Mercator Foundation, the project is based at the Centre for Human Rights Erlangen-Nuremberg (CHREN) and started on September 15th, 2022 for a duration of three years. Cooperating project partner is the Institute of Geography at FAU.




Yasemin Bekyol, Petra Bendel , Stefan Kordel, Tobias Weidinger und Edanur Yarar (2023). „Systemrelevant, aber systematisch benachteiligt: zur Teilhabe von Geflüchteten als Arbeitskräfte im Gesundheitssektor“. Impulse für Gesundheitsförderung der Landesvereinigung für Gesundheit und Akademie für Sozialmedizin Niedersachsen Bremen e.V.. 120: 19. available:

Documentation and Recordings of the CHREN-Conference on Migration and Health Care

Keynote by Prof. Dr. Michael Krennerich
Keynote by Prof. Dr. Michael Krennerich

In March 2023 the hybrid conference „Systemrelevant und systemisch benachteiligt? (Flucht-)Migration und Gesundheit: Zugang, Teilhabe und Beschäftigung“ on migration and health care took place at FAU Kollegienhaus. Purpose of this scientific and practice-oriented event was to address the multifaceted role of people with a migration background in Germany – both as recipients of health care services as well as employees in the health sector –  and the challenges and potentials associated with these roles.

The conference documentation (PDF / in German) is now available for download. Some of the recorded presentations and panel discussions can be accessed here (in German).

This two-day conference was organized by the project “Forced Migration and Refugee Studies: Networking and Knowledge Transfer (FFVT)” funded by the German Federal Ministry of for Education and Research (BMBF) as well as the Stiftung Mercator-funded project “Gesundheit! Inclusion in the healthcare sector” at the Centre for Human Rights Erlangen-Nuremberg (CHREN) at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg.